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We, believe if you can’t make money in option buying, then don’t call yourself a stock trader.

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About Us

We are professional Index derivatives trader and we believe stock trading is all about making or losing money.


Low Investment, High risk & higher return with Integrity. We make money in option buying.


As a traders, our vision is to beat the returns of Index, Inflation, Mutual funds, Provident fund and enter the world of Hedge fund.

We Bootstraped with our skill.

Greysquare Trading Edge.

  • We trade only in Nifty and Bank nifty Index.
  • We make money in Option buying not in selling.
  • We like to trade reversals more then breakouts.
  • We believe in our trading system not on media or tips.
  • We make most of the money in first 6 candles of market in 5 minutes time frame.
  • 7/10 trades will be profitable else we will leave the desk.

Signs you will lose.

1. Lack of confidence in yourself. 2. Fighting against the market trend.
3. Avoided homework of previous charts.
4.Greed or show off.
5. Ignoring market education.

Signs you will win in Trading.

  • Educate yourself
  • Technical analysis
  • Create your system and backtest it.
  • Believe in your system
  • Practice , Practice & Prcatice.
Our Team

Highly motivated traders,who had seen the 3 phases of market in short period of time.

Mr. Gitanshu Damade
  • Co – Founder & Designated Partner
  • |
  • 3+ yrs market experience